“Hot town, livin’ in the city”: Fredericton breaks record with eighth Level 1 Heat Advisory

  August 12, 2016 FREDERICTON, N.B - If you live in Fredericton, you know that calling the weather we’ve experienced this July and August “hot” is an understatement. Five years ago the provincial government’s Emergency … [Read more...]

The important role New Brunswick’s farmers have to play in addressing climate change

Implementing renewable energy solutions on New Brunswick’s farms By Jimy Beltran (CCNB Intern) The Conservation Council of New Brunswick has released a bold, made-in-New Brunswick Climate Action Plan to address climate change and reduce our … [Read more...]

The stories are flooding in! Tell us how Post-Tropical Storm Arthur affected you

Do you remember post-tropical storm Arthur? The July 2014 extreme weather event left 195,000 households without power for as much as a few days to two weeks because winds of 100 km/hour and heavy rain knocked down trees and power lines. The … [Read more...]

The revolution will be motorized with electricity: The shift toward electric cars is happening in Canada now

New Brunswick can get in the driver’s seat to encourage electric car sales. The movement towards electric and hybrid vehicles is catching on across Canada, and New Brunswick can be a part of this automotive revolution. From financial purchasing … [Read more...]

Energy East’s “aquatic pipeline” a serious risk to the Bay of Fundy.

The Conservation Council is calling the increased tanker traffic in the Bay of Fundy, as proposed by TransCanada as part of its Energy East pipeline project a serious risk  to the iconic marine eco-system. Currently, a relatively small number of … [Read more...]

Sensitive Marine Ecosystems Threatened by Energy East’s ‘Aquatic Pipeline’

New Report Shows Energy East Pipeline A Massive Threat to Atlantic Canada and U.S. Marine Resources Canadian Groups Call on Federal Government to Reject Pipelines, As New U.S.Led Campaign Calls for National Tar Sands Dilbit Tanker Ban July 26, … [Read more...]

Statement by CCNB’s Lois Corbett on major oil pipeline break in Saskatchewan

Fredericton - Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, has shut down its main drinking water supply intakes after a Husky Energy oil pipeline … [Read more...]

New Brunswick’s ongoing fight against glyphosate spraying on Crown forests

It’s the fifth petition of its kind in just over a decade. But this time there are nearly 13,000 names signed by New Brunswickers who want the province to stop spraying public forests with glyphosate, the herbicide used in New Brunswick’s forestry … [Read more...]

Conservation Council of New Brunswick releases policy options to spur climate change conversation

 MEDIA RELEASE Conservation Council of New Brunswick releases policy options to spur climate change conversation READ: A Climate Action Plan For New Brunswick July 13, 2016 Fredericton, N.B. – A new report from the Conservation Council of New … [Read more...]

What’s Local in July

The summer heat has hit New Brunswick with full force, the farmers markets produce is bountiful, and we here at the Conservation Council are rejoicing over what our beautiful province has to offer! Harvest season also means canning and jam making … [Read more...]